Success case — SME Credit

Alternative credit solution to support SMEs growth


Efficiently reach small companies with no credit history, giving them access to a wide range of credit solutions to support their growth.

+ 70% of SME’s with no traditional credit history.

+ Deep rooted biases against formalization into financial system.

+ Lack of homogeneity creating a daunting client acquisition problem.


A partnership model with large corporations to reach small companies in data rich environments and turn non-bankable players into safe bets.

+ Strong efficiencies in operations, marketing and risk management.

+ Blended score leveraging business owner and company data.

+ Sticky relationships and high impact within each ecosystem.


Of partners reported a 5X growth in sales to their SME client base
SMEs accessing credit with non existent or negative credit history
Our delinquency is 30% below the industry benchmark
Partnerships in place with regional organizations giving access to +200K SME’s

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