Success case — Consumer Lending

Colombia's first 100% digital credit product


Create an accessible credit solution and develop an underwriting engine that could be effective at targeting a population with high levels of informality.

+ Design a user-friendly and agile customer interface that could eliminate paperwork requirements.

+ Maximize automation to provide a fast turnaround and reduce operational expenses.

+ Source sufficient information online to manage identity verification and risk assessment.


A responsible and sustainable revolving credit line, designed to improve customer lifetime value while maintaining long term financial health.

+ Real time decision making and record time disbursements.

+ Balance low ticket loans with low pricing to prevent over debt.

+ Rewards for payment behavior through a gamified experience.


Disbursements to +500K unique users served nationwide
Users accessing credit with non existent or negative credit history
Loans per customer, validating the value proposition
New credit histories created in the established credit bureaus

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